• Bruno BarrosBruno Barros, 8 years ago

    Baking this into Photoshop is just plain crazy. I don't get it. It should be a stand alone app. Things like the so-called "super sampler tool" are just copying Illustrator's "sampler tool" behavior and putting it in Photoshop with an awkward name.

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  • Riho KrollRiho Kroll, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    Really great progress so far. Definitely digging the search function. Not sure how useful it will really be for layer selecting though, since renaming layers is somewhat of a chore that most people don't do during the design process itself. Its more of a post process for me personally, unless it comes to groups since I've rebound CTRL+G to the layer panel group option, which immediately asks you to name the group.

    One thing that concerns me somewhat is still the performance. Even the hover effects in the search panel seemed to have subtle delay to it. It's very subtle, but for a pro tool like Photoshop, it just makes the whole experience feel sluggish.

    Apart from that, although I like the features presented in the video, I feel that there are things that should have higher priority. Like bringing over some basic features from classic PS. Text fields where you can use multiple font styles, for example... I'm talking about the really obvious stuff here. I think it's a bit difficult to sell design space to designers at the moment, because it is so raw when it comes to these default features. Features that have to be in any design tool before you can go into more specific workflow improvements.

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    • Seth Walker, 8 years ago

      Hey Riho,

      I work on the Design Space team. We've spent quite a bit of time on performance since the last release. So we hope that you'll see improvements there. We were definitely raw in the first release. We are one part technology effort and one part design tool effort within Adobe. However, as we've learned more since the initial release, we can now focus more on bringing over the right features for design, and adding cool new ones.

      I was a bit hesitant on app search as well at first, but it's great for opening recent files, finding things in other open documents then copy and paste into your working document. Also finding tools, creating new docs and more. It's a bit crazy and new way to interact with Ps that I think you might like.

      We've got multiple text styles within one text layer in our builds! We were aware of that one. We've also greatly improved selection since the last release.

      Feel free to hit me up with anything else you think is a must have, and I can let you know whether we've got it in our backlog.

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      • Riho KrollRiho Kroll, 8 years ago

        Hey Seth,

        The search definitely sounds very good. Especially for recent documents, like you said.

        I think Charles forwarded me your email. I'll send you a list of features that are must haves for me.

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