Client Curse for the Unlucky Designer

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So I'm relatively new to the design world. I have been working for just over a year at my first full time job. I've been able to touch some fun and informative projects, so I've really gained a quick understanding of web design and the industry as a whole. So far, I have worked on a handful websites on my own (at least 6 or 7). I've run into the same problem on multiple occasions now, and I'm starting to get worried.

Every project I am assigned that I show any real interest in or allows for serious creativity ends badly. That could be many things. Projects are put on indefinite hold; the concept is ditched because another bigger company finished the same idea first; the client runs into internal issues that cripple the company. No matter the problem, it usually ends up leaving me with a beautiful but unused design.

Now I've had just a couple projects run through completion, but they've been the ones with straightforward requests and little to no creative problem solving. Nothing to add to the portfolio.

So now, the running joke around the office is that I have a curse with clients. *How do I break this curse?? *


  • Suganth SSuganth S, almost 5 years ago (edited almost 5 years ago )

    Hi Lisa,

    First, Congrats on completing an year in design world.

    Second, Lot of work designers put in may not go in to production always. Its a sad reality. You need to accept that sometimes business reasons might affect the release of the product / launch of the site. Always reach the level of satisfaction with your work. Once you come in terms with this, you wont feel this is curse, but the reality of how world works. (FYI some of my work never hit production, but it went in iteration)

    I strongly feel since you are relatively new to this field/work place, The company/agency you work at, give projects that has some controversy / failure rate. I can already see you have not given up and want to break the 'curse'. Thats the spirit of being a designer. Don't give up easily !

    If you get a chance, choose your projects at the company. See the feasibility of what you going to work on. Communicate with the client more and see how they feel about the overall project. ( I always ask my PM's the roadmap of the feature I work on, so I know when it will get pushed). If possible, skip projects you are not sure about it. You can always express this to your superiors.

    Build up your portfolio with concept/ unsolicited projects. Design for yourself - If you are a user. Build a collection based on this. Keep these things as a side-project so you can learn and complete projects.

    Finally, Don't give a shit about that joke :) Everyone will get fair amount of chance in this field, You will get good projects soon :) Just focus and do your best.

    All the best !

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