• Danny Zabolotny, over 5 years ago

    More companies should be doing a 4-day 32 hour work week. Think about it, at most 40+ hour a week jobs, there's plenty of slacking off and mismanagement of time. We have the technology to get things done faster. Every single company that's tried the 4-day work week has reported great success with it.

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    • Loucas Papantoniou, over 5 years ago

      That's right Danny. All these productivity tools we use and workflows we follow should result in doing our job faster. What do we do with this extra time? We chose to cut-down work time and invest in time with our families, personal projects etc. Cheers!

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  • E BensleyE Bensley, over 5 years ago

    Larger organisations could learn a lot from a process like this. I come from a place of rigid routine and 5 days a week of 9AM - 5:30PM and the stresses start to become painfully obvious by about half way through Friday. I'd be totally honest in saying that Friday afternoons are almost a total write-off in terms of productivity and just result in everyone being tired and unmotivated pretty much all the time, not a great way to keep team morale up. Great write up though, fascinating to see how the other half lives.

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    • Loucas Papantoniou, over 5 years ago

      Thanks a lot for you reply Ewen. I guess it's true in a corporate environment, it's harder to apply something like this. For us, it started as an experiment, we saw that it works and we did the switch. Bigger companies than us like Treehouse, and Basecamp are doing it. I hope corporates can learn something from this and start experimenting as well. Best, Loucas

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      • Andrew ZimmermanAndrew Zimmerman, over 5 years ago

        I'll echo Ewen's point and add another.

        For this to work, management has to trust its employees. I believe that's why smaller organizations can be successful with this approach while larger organizations may struggle.

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