Show DN: We’ve built a hiring tool we call Current

6 years ago from , Detroit Labs

A couple co-workers and I have been working on a project for the past couple of months that we use internally (at Detroit Labs) to support our hiring process, which foregoes resumes in favor of a set of questions somewhat like a personality test. We couldn’t find a tool that fit our process and noticed a lot of large hulking enterprise tools dominating the landscape. So, here we are: hirecurrent.com

At the moment we’re accepting applications for beta, so in lieu of being able to actually use it I’d like to explain a little bit about our process that inspired Current.

Candidates fill out an application that you’ve populated with probing questions like how they handle stress or failure, what their accomplishments are, or how they might handle peculiar situations. We’ve never seen value in a resume, and we believe that this kind of upfront Q&A quickly helps filter out candidates and surface the ones most aligned with our culture.

Once a candidate enters Current they enter a lane, much like a kanban board (or Trello); like New, Phone Interview, Technical Interview. The candidate’s application is open for discussion and voting to anyone a part of the organization. In our case we include everyone in the decision making process and our votes help determine whether a candidate moves forward.

We’d really love to get feedback and opinions on the marketing page and the app from anyone outside of Detroit Labs willing to give it a try within their company, even if it’s something like ‘You’re insane’.

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