DN 2.0 Status Report: A More Spacious Stories Layout and More

almost 4 years ago from , sometimes Maxwell

Say hello to the wider, roomier Designer News. Alongside the additional real estate, we’ve been busy with a variety of visual/functional improvements we wanted to share:

  • A much roomier stories layout
  • Reverse up-voting - Upvote by accident? Fret not, you can now take that vote back.
  • Support for Safari 9 pinned tabs
  • Comment collapsing - Simply click the user’s pixel avatar next to the comment you’d like to collapse.
  • :visited color - Easy on the eyes, yes?
  • Plus, dozens of other various cosmetic and functional improvements

Don’t forget about that friendly face in the lower right corner, keep your feedback coming!

Still making some small tweaks here and there to correct some jankiness. Bear with us :-)