• Fri RasyidiFri Rasyidi, over 5 years ago

    Oh no. Why Mini, why?

    I know they must have already think this through and through, but it seemed to me they were just trying to go with the flat trend. Which is kinda sad since the flat logo is really just flat; losing it's sophistication and charm.

    I can't imagine a flat modern designed car. I think cars need the details, the leather seats, the chromes, the tiny little detail that makes them sophisticated. So why shouldn't the brand reflects and celebrates these values?

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    • Matt VMatt V, over 5 years ago

      I agree. I feel like this flat logo completely ruins the sophistication feel of the mini brand. It cheapens it. Who makes these decisions, and why do companies pay them so much?

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  • Surat Hat YaiSurat Hat Yai, over 5 years ago

    Something tells me they've recently hired a new designer that's been hanging around too much on Dribbble....

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  • John MauroJohn Mauro, over 5 years ago


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