Ask DN: Which CMS or platform do you use for clients?

over 4 years ago from , Product designer


I'm a website designer with HTML and CSS knowledge. Normally when i need to make a little complex website or a personal project I work with Wordpress because I'm not a programmer and WP is a good swiss knife.

I was searching for an alternatives for two reasons:

  1. For some simple projects WP is a bit overpowered an probably you know an alternative (more simple) for a little projects that speed the development process.

  2. A client says that wants an editable website that can't be WP because he already tried it and is difficult to use (and he can't understand the differences between the .com and .org).

I hope you can understand my poor english :P


PD: If i do a lot of misspellings, you'll can shoot me an arrow to my knee ;)