• Nathan ManousosNathan Manousos, almost 8 years ago

    They seem to have majorly undersold the only thing anyone cares about: Unlimited on demand music streaming.

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  • Moeed MohammadMoeed Mohammad, almost 8 years ago

    I'm going to happily pay for this service.

    The only reason I never wanted to pay a monthly fee for Rdio or Spotify is because I don't know what is going to happen to those companies say, in 3 years. If I spend $10/month for 3 years and the company goes under for whatever reason, they take everything down with them.

    I feel much better paying Apple a monthly fee of $10 to get the same service as Rdio, but with the peace of mind that they're not going anywhere.

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    • Jon MyersJon Myers, almost 8 years ago

      Huh, I don't understand what point your making.

      If they "go down" you're out a month's subscription and that's about it. What else of yours would they take?

      Rdio has been around since 2008 and raised 125 million. https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/rdio

      Spotify has been around since 2008 and has raised 537 million. https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/spotify

      I don't think either business is here today, gone tomorrow with that kind of money at stake.

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      • Moeed MohammadMoeed Mohammad, almost 8 years ago (edited almost 8 years ago )

        I haven't subscribed to Rdio or Spotify because if/when they go out of business, you're out for your months subscription, but all the music you listened to, all the playlists you made, all the albums you added to your collection go with them. They're not going to hand you a zip file contains all the music you've listened to over the years on a silver platter. Sure, they will let you export your playlists, but you're not going to have any actual music.

        Which is why I've preferred to just buy music. Because when I buy music, I own the MP3. I don't have to worry about all that going away.

        In short, I think its a great deal to pay 9.99/month for unlimited listening of Apple's music collection. I trust them to be around way longer than Rdio or Spotfiy.

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        • Fabian O.Fabian O., almost 8 years ago

          I always saw Spotify as more of a rental thing. If they go down, there will be another service I can import my playlists and music library to.

          There is simply no need for me to own the music. What else would I do with it apart from listening to it? The only things I grumble about constantly is if something isn't available. And some audiophiles nag about the quality.

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      • pjotr .pjotr ., almost 8 years ago

        He might be referring to his music library. If Spotify went out of business tomorrow my music life would suck pretty hard. I have over 300 curated playlists...

        I plan on switching over to Apple Music but it's going to take me a long while to transfer everything.

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  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, almost 8 years ago

    i'd actually appreciate some scrolljacking here. really easy to miss the content.

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  • Anthony Gibson, almost 8 years ago

    Their Web Design has improved leaps over bounds in the last few years.

    However, I'm skeptical about the service. Reminds me of Ping or whatever their old music social network was. There isn't much interactivity within the service from what I see in the product videos, it's just a one-way from the artist to the consumer. But hopefully I'm wrong!

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  • David DarnesDavid Darnes, almost 8 years ago

    At least scrolling is a bit more free. The animations and videos play but they don't stop me from scrolling up, or from letting me scroll at my own pace. Seems really smooth, however I wonder what the experience is like on lower spec devices.

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    • Jonathan KelleyJonathan Kelley, almost 8 years ago

      On an old macbook - Not well.

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      • David DarnesDavid Darnes, almost 8 years ago

        Urgh, not good. I was hoping it wasn't the case, I'm guessing it will be the same experience on my personal Mac Mini. Shame.

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        • John PJohn P, almost 8 years ago

          Not brilliant on a brand new MacBook Pro either to be honest...

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          • David DarnesDavid Darnes, almost 8 years ago

            Really? Urgh, anything in particular? Choppy scrolling or video? I'm on a fairly old but high spec iMac (27" with 12gb ram).

            Side note: Do you suffer from this often? I've got a Mac Mini but it struggles with intense sites and scrolling through them. I wanted to get a new MacBook Pro to solve this, and simply to upgrade in general. Just wondered incase I get disappointed with performance.

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  • Alec LomasAlec Lomas, almost 8 years ago

    I might not be the target for this, but I don't see enough here to justify switching from the service I already use. When GMPAA dropped, there was a ton of incentive (for me) to switch from Spotify: music locker, $2 cheaper, and what was at the time a vastly superior experience on Android. The radio (Beats 1, ugh) seems kind of cool, but I have Sirius in the car already, which is the only time I could see myself using the service.

    Also, it's high time one of these services figured out a way to import playlists/libraries from their competitors.

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  • Eytan DavidovitsEytan Davidovits, almost 8 years ago

    Does someone know if there will be user-shared playlists that anyone can follow (similar to how Spotify works)?

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  • Daniel GoldenDaniel Golden, almost 8 years ago

    I'm really looking forward to playing music through siri again. Haven't been able to do this since switching to Rdio.

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  • Kelly LawrenceKelly Lawrence, almost 8 years ago

    I've probably missed any mention of it if it was on the page, but is my understanding correct in that I'll no longer be able to add my own music to my iPhone, unless I'm using a 3rd party music app?

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    • Giovanni Galbiati, almost 8 years ago

      No, you'll still be able to use iTunes as you always did.

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      • Kelly LawrenceKelly Lawrence, almost 8 years ago

        Glad to hear it! I mainly use the Music app for songs that I can't access through most streaming services, be it because the songs aren't very well known, the artists or bands "don't believe in streaming", geo-locking, etc.

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  • Rory McCawlRory McCawl, almost 8 years ago

    As an iTunes match user I'd like to see how these two services work in tandem. Or would I no longer need iTunes Match if I can just access the full Apple Music Library?

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    • Thibault MaekelberghThibault Maekelbergh, almost 8 years ago

      (Huge iTunes Match fan, realying on it): From what I've read they'll probably be deprecating Match in favor of Music.

      Huge downside if you have lots of uploaded, not matched, songs and your main goal with Match is to keep files of your SSD/HDD and have it available everywhere.

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  • Greg BowenGreg Bowen, almost 8 years ago

    I can't help but feel that the arrival of Apple Music signals the passing of the Internet's wild west days (which have been fading for the last decade) and the renaissance of music governed by industries, not people.

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  • Alex FloresAlex Flores, almost 8 years ago

    Drizzy Drake

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