• Daniil Vnoutchkov, almost 8 years ago

    Can you actually connect to different WiFi hotspots using this app on your iWatch?

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  • Ray Yip, almost 8 years ago (edited almost 8 years ago )

    I'm learning a programming language called Swift by Apple. This is a little work for experiment.

    Today WiFi

    A Widget to Display WiFi in Your Today View

    I got so many WiFi in my house and office, sometimes iOS just don't switch to the nearby WiFi automatically, i have to check my WiFi in the Settings app every time, that sucks!

    so i made this widget to let me make sure which WiFi i was connected with ease!

    All i need to do is just pull down the notification center and take a look, if you want to switch to another WiFi just simply tap on it. i believe you will need this.

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