• George ColtartGeorge Coltart, 5 years ago

    The most generic type of app just got more generic.

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  • Jamie WilsonJamie Wilson, 5 years ago

    What do people use these types of things for? I don't get it.

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  • John FlynnJohn Flynn, 5 years ago

    Why is this 778MB? This is why people have problems with document revision storage.

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  • Arjun PenemetsaArjun Penemetsa, 5 years ago

    This actually looks like a pretty cool app to use. Is Invision or anyone else going to make the app? I couldn't find any info related to it.

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  • Wesley HainesWesley Haines, 5 years ago

    This is nice of them. I will always say thank you for open-sourced design.

    But a warning that it is 731 MB would be nice.

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    • Arjun PenemetsaArjun Penemetsa, 5 years ago

      Yes, agreed. I went back to open it after a min and saw that it had a few mins left of downloading.

      Might be hi-res visuals

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  • Suganth SSuganth S, 5 years ago

    My ears are paining.

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