• David Steelcart, almost 5 years ago (edited almost 5 years ago )

    There's something about this style of website that just reminds of some sort of generic wordpress theme...

    -Everything is overly animated and the animations aren't adding much value.

    -The text alignment on lots of elements seems not so great.

    -Why would people want to see such little screenshots of dashboards, how is that helpful at all?

    etc, etc

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    • A B, almost 5 years ago

      I agree with you on the animation bit. Whenever I encounter a site like this I always add /wp-admin to the end of the URL to see what happens.

      It's a bit slow as well.

      There's just way too much going on.

      If you click contact, the button to close the model is behind the tumblr button.

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      • Giovanni Hobbins, almost 5 years ago

        Thanks for your feedback. What would you suggest for simplifying so that there's not too much going on?

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        • A B, almost 5 years ago

          You're incorporating a lot of visual elements (e.g. color, stock photography, illustration, animations, transitions, gradients) which makes it seem like you don't have a solid system. Each one of these is a great design tool on its own. You're spreading yourself too thin.

          I would recommend you reduce the amount of visual stimuli. Define a system and stick to it. You're using a lot of colors, which isn't necessarily bad, however, it's just more work. If you want to stick with those colors, remove the stock photography and gradients. Really work on the meaning behind each color.

          Then focus on typography. Limit yourself to a couple weights, sizes, and colors. If you have too many combinations it will look sporadic.

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          • Giovanni Hobbins, almost 5 years ago

            There is a system but it's pretty eclectic. The color palette is the five colors you see at the top and they are quite varied. The idea was to make a brand that could work well with nearly any color palette because our customers (universities) each have their own colors and they're proud of them.

            In terms of fonts it's Brandon Grotesque for headlines and Proxima nova for content.

            But I see what you mean. It's a bit of a visual overload and I should have been more disciplined about stripping things down and keeping it simple.

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    • Giovanni Hobbins, almost 5 years ago

      Appreciate the feedback.

      Not a wordpress theme but I can understand what you're saying about the animations. A lot of the transitions are a bit overcooked.

      Where do you see the alignment issues with the text?

      As far as the screenshots, most of our customers are not product or designed oriented and mostly want to understand how we help make their jobs easier. So content ends up being prioritized over detailed screenshots.

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    • Chris ToughChris Tough, almost 5 years ago

      “Everything is overly animated and the animations aren't adding much value.”

      Completely agree with what you are saying. Definitely the right idea just lacking in reason.

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      • Giovanni Hobbins, almost 5 years ago

        I'd love to see an example of a site that has only animations with reasons behind them. Do you know of one?

        I think I know the distinction but seeing it in action would help.

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        • Chris ToughChris Tough, almost 5 years ago (edited almost 5 years ago )

          Yeah, the distinction is a tough one. I've gone over the top a few times and had to reel it back.

          A good example of reason I would say is there on your own site. The animation of the UI. E.g. The 'scroll down' feature, where the downwards pointing chevrons change color and then on rollover they collect together. I'd say this is an Ideal interaction along with the animation of your FAB/CTA buttons too.

          The right idea is that the site would look too flat without the animations however, right now, each element, in each section, on each page has a transition and they are all similar e.g fade up, fade down, fade fade left, and fade right. Give the user a break, not everything needs to have a transition and have to travel so far.

          Also with your page headers. The site staggers its animations after the cool staggering of your page load feature with one thing after another. This accumulates the wait time to longer than 400ms to load your content. This can make a user impatient and leave a negative impression.

          Overall, I'd be proud of this site if I made it. I think its great, and your skills are really impressive.

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          • Giovanni Hobbins, almost 5 years ago

            I see what you mean and I agree. Kinda gave the front end dev (talented guy) free reign over the animations but especially on the transitions it should be toned down.

            Thanks for the thoughtful feedback.

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