• Nick PfistererNick Pfisterer, over 6 years ago

    Can someone point out what is new? The site went responsive months ago and I don't see any apparent difference on my phone.

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    • Crampa ...Crampa ..., over 6 years ago

      Some elements were responsive, many were not. Like the site's navigation, which is kind of important I guess.

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      • Julian LengfelderJulian Lengfelder, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

        As far as I remember correctly wasn't the navigation one of the first responsive elements they added early last winter?

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  • Account deleted over 6 years ago

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  • Jordan IsipJordan Isip, over 6 years ago

    For those on desktop, you can view it by clicking on the little phone icon in Chrome inspector tool.


    Shown in the top-right on screenshot.

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  • Keaton PriceKeaton Price, over 6 years ago

    And somehow this is still a thing: https://www.apple.com/downloads/dashboard/

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  • Simon Steinberger, over 6 years ago

    Why does it take such huge companies so much time to get their homework done? Shouldn't Apple be rather one of the first websites ever to go responsive!?

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    • Adam SelbyAdam Selby, over 6 years ago

      Everyone seems to forget that when Apple debuted the first iPhone in 2007, they showcased Safari as "the real internet", without any mobile sites. It shouldn't be a surprise that they're one of the later adopters.

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    • Todd SielingTodd Sieling, over 6 years ago

      It's often a call made on resources and priorities. Apple is able to de-prioritize responsive because they have a greater emphasis on apps, and their store app is pretty nice. They may have also had enough analytics data to support the decision to not do it earlier; meaning, maybe there was just not enough evidence that people needed it responsive to make a buying decision.

      I am in total agreement that it seems overdue, and that they could have done it earlier. I also think it's what they would have done if they were building the site from scratch in the past few years. But as soon as we ask 'why would they choose not to', it becomes a pretty easy tradeoff analysis: they spent those resources on things more important to the business. And given how they've been doing, it's hard to argue with that decision, as much as it works against the grain of what's considered the right thing to do.

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    • Aaron SagrayAaron Sagray, over 6 years ago

      Until recently, Apple.com was not on a CMS. It was 100% hand-coded, with highly custom layouts/CSS. So making major sitewide changes was... challenging.

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  • Arjun PenemetsaArjun Penemetsa, over 6 years ago

    Finally! :D

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