• Aaron FisherAaron Fisher, over 5 years ago

    Great read!

    We think of the likes of Google as the old guys on the internet, but actually there were so many sites before just like this one, would be great to compile a list of sites from this 'era' that are still around today.

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  • ChrisArchitec t, over 5 years ago

    twitter easily replaced rss or any other news aggregator for me now. If used well, it does the trick. Lists that focus on news sources/links and that aren't anyone/thing I would follow (that's the ppl/the opinions) allows me to see headlines and such as if it were a newsfeed. Sure there are a few newsletters in the email inbox somewhere, but that's more digest format, for the odd day in the year when I not connected to the 'stream'.

    anyways tho, nice to see zeldman still kickin, as I feel many of the big heads of the heyday that followed him are disappeared.... and just that old era/things have changed/big picture view of things.

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