ASK DN: Making the most of Medium

9 years ago from , Founder at Workhorse

Hey guys, wondering if yall had some good recs of people to check out on Medium.

I have sort of used the site to read a few things here and there and recently got an invite (finally)

I was thinking about writing something but it already seems to be flooding with bad content and faux professionals that I don't want to seem like just another pompous asshole.

Anyway, who are some good pompuous assholes* to check out that actually have something good to say.

*Don't necssarily have to be pompous assholes


  • Mike MoloneyMike Moloney, 9 years ago

    It's funny you posted this. I feel the same way. I got an invite, but I don't want to flood the site with bad content or something that just seems redundant.

    However, to answer your question, I love articles by andy dunn (https://medium.com/@dunn).

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  • Geri ReidGeri Reid, 9 years ago

    I have to agree. Sadly the quality is being diluted with the more people they invite. I did write a few pieces initially and they do get a lot of traffic - I've had over 7K views. Significantly more than my blog could ever hope to achieve!

    I like this guy, he always makes me smile and feel like I've learned something: https://medium.com/@mijustin

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  • abe garcia, 9 years ago

    I'll start w/ one guy who is actually not an assholoe, but a very talented designer and writer, my friend, Young Sun


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