Ask DN: Digital Product Hierarchy of Value

8 years ago from , Product Design Lead @ Cireson

Thought exercise –  “What provides value in the products you create - and how is that value related?”

Here’s my current take - http://formexperience.com/presentations/front-2015/hierarchy-of-value.png

What are your thoughts based on your experience?

I think, as designers, we invest a lot of time, energy, and tools toward the middle of this pyramid before confirming if the foundation is present (if we do at all).

We tend to prototype and test organization, usability, and interaction, but don’t seem to do much to demonstrate and test the usefulness of the product (outside of possibly confirming demand).

It also suggests value can be delivered without design (something that was a bit hard for me to swallow at first). Design focuses and amplifies underlying value.

Does this seem like a fair assessment? Where does your experience match or differ?

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