Suggestions for Portfolio/Case Studies

6 years ago from , User Experience Designer

Hi All,

I am in process of gathering work for my portfolio. I would like to present 3 case studies of my process and how I have approached projects in the past, and let this be the meat of my site.

I have a few worries and was hoping for some professional feedback (appreciate you taking the time).

  • My background is in UX (for the past 5 years) however I really enjoy both the VisD and UX work, any tips on how to convey this with my case studies? I planned to create an aesthetically pleasing template to show these!

  • I haven't had to write my own code in about 3 years, what do you suggest I use as a medium to present my case studies? I was considering Behance, Slideshare, or Dropbox or downloading a template to incorporate into my website.

Thank you, appreciate any feedback! :)