Dealing with rip off claims

over 6 years ago from , Partner/ Designer @pupila.co

Today we received a tweet from someone pointing out we've ripped their work, even though we never saw their work before. The icon they claimed we ripped it's a drop, there aren't many ways to illustrate a drop dripping, so similarities will definitely appear. The question here is, how to react to these type of claims, when ripping off design is not your game or it is all just a bad coincidence? Should we just leave it like that? confront them? Any advice will be well received.


  • Nick BuddenNick Budden, over 6 years ago

    Jump on Dribbble/Behance/wherever and find some other similar icons that pre-date theirs, tweet it back it to them and explain what you just explained above, that there's only so many ways to do it.

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    • Bruno Campos, over 6 years ago

      That will be one way to do it. But I guess what bothers me the most is this person jumping on to social networks and attack us, saying we have no design dignity! How can someone be so certain about something without the slightest proof or knowledge to support his words. Thanks for your advice Nick!

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