• Paul BestPaul Best, over 6 years ago

    Notice the WordPress favicon

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  • Colm Tuite, over 6 years ago

    I'm surprised they didn't come up with a more compelling selling point than "instant load times". I personally won't experience those instant load times too often, because I never click half the the shit I see on Facebook.

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    • Cody SanfilippoCody Sanfilippo, over 6 years ago

      Maybe you will, now that they load instantly :)

      Seriously though, I think the bigger selling point (to media folks) is the interactive media. Till this day I'll open an article linked from FB or something, and the video on the page won't work. If Facebook is handling the delivery and compatibility, that is pretty huge for websites pumping out articles.

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  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, over 6 years ago

    articles load instantly, as much as 10 times faster than the standard mobile web.

    so many questions here.

    • i've read elsewhere that they're preloading the articles as you scroll through the newsfeed, including heavy images, audio and video. wouldn't this lead to astronomical data consumption?
    • if this is over wi-fi only (as an answer to my first question), how can they claim 10x faster loading?
    • if it really loads "instantly" why didnt they go with a higher number than 10x faster?

    also, most of these launch partners have done a great job creating immersive web experiences on their own. not sure what the value prop is for them to have their content live on facebook alone.

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    • Colm Tuite, over 6 years ago

      I feel like most publishers do a horrendous job of designing experiences. The majority of these publishers could deliver 10x faster load times themselves just by improving their front-end dev. Faster perceived load times too by removing the endless pop ups and overlays.

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    • Mitch Malone, over 6 years ago

      The value prop is

      1) Access to FBs 1+ billion users. Publishers who write branded content or publish sponsored content straight from advertisers get more eyeballs and engagements from a much larger audience. Even publishers like Buzzfeed, who have massive audiences, see this as really appealing. Publishers don't have to rely on the content "living" on their site and driving people to it. You can put the content where the eyes are and right now, that's on FB.

      2) Access to their data. Instant Articles lets publishers add their own Google Analytics or whatever tool to measure content performance. This is a huge deal for them. The more they know about what content sticks, the better content they can produce.

      3) Better Experience. Instant Articles aims to provide a great reading experience, which will make for better engagement metrics. For publishers, this means better CPM/CPE rates that they can charge advertisers (i.e., more $$$).

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  • Jonathan ShariatJonathan Shariat, over 6 years ago

    This is excellent ux work IMO: Fast load times, interactive stories, business goals, and good design all accomplished together!

    It is odd that the main selling point they chose to lead with is that they will be instant. The interactive and engaging stories are much more interesting imo.

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  • John KimJohn Kim, over 6 years ago

    So- basically they are integrating Paper into the Facebook app?

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  • Chase GiuntaChase Giunta, over 6 years ago

    This looks like a direct take off of Snapchat's discover feature (which is actually pretty great if you haven't had a chance to check out), but implemented in a more appropriate medium. Snapchat isn't where I go to get news, unfortunately for them.

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