Who has tried Juiiicy and actually got a project?

over 7 years ago from , Founder at UltraLinx

I've been trying out Juiiicy lately and I'm hearing great things about it - https://juiiicy.com/

However I swear on my dashboard there are just a lot of mock jobs placed by the devs to show it working, there's no actual jobs, or am I wrong?

Has anyone actually got a gig through the site?


  • Timothy L.Timothy L., over 7 years ago

    I've had three people reply, one of which I'm still talking to and hoping to start work with soon.

    You have to remember that it is relatively new and still getting off the ground but I'm sure that with the direction it's going that it will do well! I'm very impressed with the app.

    Have fun!

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  • Mihnea ZamfirMihnea Zamfir, almost 7 years ago

    Does anyone have an invite? - http://dribbble.com/mihnea Thanks

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  • Zander BradeZander Brade, over 7 years ago

    Yeah, I've had about 8 replies, one I'm working with right now, and about 4 others I'm still talking to. I don't think they look like mockup jobs at all, what makes you think that?

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    • , over 7 years ago

      Really!? But I swear I'm just seeing jobs posted by the same people like Jackie Tran and Julien Renvoye, or is that how it's supposed to work?

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      • Nick HNick H, over 7 years ago

        I'm sure those guys get a ton of inquiries through dribbble that they are happy to hand off to others. Even I get a few each week.

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      • Zander BradeZander Brade, over 7 years ago

        Yeah, it's simply that they're both very talented designers, and therefore would have more offers than they can take on - therefore they're using Juiiicy for it's purpose, to refer work.

        Julien did create Juiiicy, but that doesn't mean he can't use it.

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  • Alejandro VizioAlejandro Vizio, over 7 years ago

    Couldn´t get an invite, anyone has one?

    Here´s our dribbble profile http://dribbble.com/aerolab

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