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    Just a few weeks ago I gave my very first talk at a company event. During the talk I discuss a recent phenomenon I like to call 'The Snob Effect'. It's about how creatives assume to understand their user group without considering any real type of research.

    What do you guys think? Do you agree on the matter? I’m curious to hear your opinions!

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    • Ryan GloverRyan Glover, 6 years ago

      Enjoyed it!

      Certainly guilty of a few things you mentioned. This brought up a question...

      What's a good way to get started doing user testing as an individual/small team? I tend to work by myself and while I'd like to incorporate more user testing, I tend to bump into the "that takes too much time" argument from clients—I'm also uncertain where to start developing a process around it (open to any book recommendations for this). Any ideas as to small-scale testing that can be done that's still effective?

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  • Aundre KerrAundre Kerr, 6 years ago

    The knowledge vs experience bit was spot on.

    Knowing of a scenario and actually having been in one are two very different things that can definitely change a design.

    "They're likely checking the next train on the way to the station." Casually tapping in a chair vs "Holy shit, when's the next train?" While walking through crowds of people, trying to tap through 2-3 pages to see what you want.

    Not saying people should have to directly experience everything but just get away from the screen and take a look at the environment that your product will exist in. Whether it's watching someone use it or being in the most common place of usage, it'll bring a new perspective.

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  • Bryan KulbaBryan Kulba, 6 years ago

    This makes me uncomfortable, but also very happy.

    So good!

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