Ask DN: What are your favourite portfolio websites?

almost 5 years ago from , Designer & Front-end Developer

I am planning on making/fixing my unfinished portfolio site and am seeking inspiration. (I'm the guy that made Burger and Marx). I am only 16 but I need a Jekyll site to host my work so far. Http://mblode.github.io

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  • Jerome Arfouche, almost 5 years ago (edited almost 5 years ago )

    Holy crap man, when I was 16 I was useless at the internet ! (I was also trying to figure out Flash and to convince my dad to upgrade our 128k internet) You have a pretty good start.

    Anyway, for a portfolio site I like no fuss websites like Max and Nicole Fenton's. Flashy, trendy ones are cute but not the ones I tend to go back to.

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