My solution has been designer AMAs

7 years ago from , Designer | Founding team @ Shout

Two years ago I launched a startup with two friends and naturally fell into the role as the designer. At the time, it was a playground for me to get back in touch with my creative side while challenging it everyday. It was only a matter of time before my imposter syndrome kicked in. It was a crippling feeling and the only solution I could rely on was reading personal stories and interviews from other designers. Many of which came from here at Designer News.

So I started a facebook group to facilitate a more frequent discussion and to draw out inspiration from individual's stories.

Tomorrow will be the first AMA with Bethany Heck at 1PM EST (ART: HeckHouse.com or https://dribbble.com/bethanyheck ) and there will be a follow up Medium post for anyone who missed it or desires better formatting.

I hope to see some of you there!