• Clay MacTavishClay MacTavish, 4 years ago (edited 4 years ago )

    The best way to learn git is to jump into your terminal and break things. Stop being afraid of the terminal.

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    • Nathan HueningNathan Huening, 4 years ago

      It helps to follow and read the contents of the link before commenting on it. Helps you avoid looking quite so silly.

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  • Alex ChanAlex Chan, 4 years ago

    BitBucket's (Atlassian) tutorials are pretty good as well: https://www.atlassian.com/git/tutorials/

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  • Tom HareTom Hare, 4 years ago

    When I first started using and learning Git about three years ago, I used a combination of Tower and command line. Tower gave me a really good understanding of the process and meaning behind adding a file to stage, committing, pushing and pulling.

    I still use it today if I want granular commits as the UI for committing lines or 'chunks' is really good. And I'm still using v1 - I imagine v2 is considerably better.

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