• Garth BraithwaiteGarth Braithwaite, almost 6 years ago

    We're looking to help understand how we can best help improve design in open source, and we really need to hear from more designers.

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    • Joshua MillerJoshua Miller, over 5 years ago

      This is a huge thumbs up!

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    • Adrian HowardAdrian Howard, over 5 years ago

      A "+1" for the effort. I'd love for there to be easier ways for UX/design folk to get more involved with OSS projects.

      Feedback on the survey:

      • "Currently, I share my finished designs so people can" — the context of "sharing" is unclear. With whom?
      • There is no description of what "finished design" is like their is with "Sharing design process". On my first time through I read "finished" as "finished before development begins", on further reading I now think it might be something closer to "product complete".
      • With "sharing design process" I'm not sure whether you are asking about the artefacts produced, the process itself, and when the sharing happens — during the process, after the process?
      • There are lots of references to "my" things. The process/artefacts in the context I work tend to be "our" things. They're owned by the team.
      • Similar issues on the "code" questions.
      • I would personally never in a million years thought of describing "Pixelapse" as a tool for "sharing the design process".
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