• David AlandíDavid Alandí, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

    Hi, I'm from Barcelona and I used it a few. It works, it is very VERY fast and the meals are good. But I don't think it is for a daily use.

    Maybe I think this way because I'm surrounded by a lot of places offering cheap and well cooked meals. But for craving meals like pulled porks sandwiches or argentinian dumplings it's perfect. Also the fideua (kind of paella with noodles) was awesome

    I even won a 50€ prize on a easter photo contest.

    Some pics:

    My first order was the Fideua.


    The last one so far: Porter pulled beef with allioli sauce (garlick and olive oil, a kind of spicy mayonaisse)


    With android wear.


    My winning pic with their branded easter egg


    I don't work for them! I'm just a fan.

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  • Adria JimenezAdria Jimenez, over 5 years ago

    From Barcelona here too, used it 3 times already and it's awesome! But I have to say a bit expensive for the food quality you are getting (food is prepared some time before and kept in bags that the delivery guys carry).

    Fastest delivery was in 3 minutes ofter ordering :)

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