• Spencer HoltawaySpencer Holtaway, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

    The comments on that post are kind of amazing.

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  • Geoff RogersGeoff Rogers, over 5 years ago

    My favourite alignment detail of the iPhone 6 is the camera that sticks out and misaligns the whole device when you place it on any flat surface.

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    • Mike M, over 5 years ago

      But at least there's an element of honesty in the how Apple handles the protruding lens. It's a simple metal ring. To Jony Ive, it's "a really very pragmatic optimisation."

      Compare the metal ring to how Samsung handles the same problem- btw, the lens also protrudes on the new Galaxy (as it does on the new HTC and LG). To Samsung, it's embellished into a feature. The question is will it still remain a feature to Samsung when Apple manages to reduce the size of the camera module and goes back to flushed lens.

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  • Rasmus ErikssonRasmus Eriksson, over 5 years ago

    Wow, I didn't even realise what a blatant rip-off Samsung's made, even though I have an iPhone 6 Plus.

    It's all these little details that make the product that good though. Most people might not even notice why it looks so good, or pay a single thought to how the hardware is laid out. But nobody misses the overall effect.

    I like the parallel to furniture he makes in the article. I'm like that; I spend the extra hour(s) to paint the bottom of the cabinet. Never thought of it before, actually.

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  • Fernando Palacios DuesoFernando Palacios Dueso, over 5 years ago

    Really great article. It's those little things that really make the experience worthwhile.

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