• Paul @StammyPaul @Stammy, over 8 years ago

    IMO these types of landing pages that don't offer value up front and just want signups are not for DN.

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    • , over 8 years ago

      Hi Paul, I appreciate you sharing your opinion. I enjoy the DN community and don't want to negatively impact it. I think my free course offers significant value, and I understand you may feel differently.

      Could you clarify: Is your concern that the course itself isn't valuable, or that I shared it on DN before the course actually begins?

      Thanks for your comment—I appreciate it!

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      • Kiko SeizKiko Seiz, over 8 years ago

        It feels a lot like spam.

        The course might be valuable but it's presented in a very traditional preachy self-help kind of way. Maybe it's the visual design of the page combined with the language used..

        Getting one of those "Employers HATE him, find out how he got promoted in just SEVEN days!!!1!" vibes from infomercials.

        Does that make sense?

        Good initiative nonetheless! :)

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        • , over 8 years ago

          Thanks for the feedback—this is really helpful! Your notes will help me refine the message on the page and, more broadly, this helps me understand how DN folks respond to that sort of language, and to the idea in general.

          Thanks for taking the time to reply—I appreciate it!

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