• Account deleted 5 years ago

    Actual product designer alert

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  • Brennan Smith, 5 years ago

    This reminds me of Zoolander.

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  • Bryan KulbaBryan Kulba, 5 years ago

    I have long maintained that Karim Rashid is just a Sacha Baron Cohen character.

    Also: "Karimanifesto?"

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  • Joel CalifaJoel Califa, 5 years ago

    The site is stunning but super choppy on my macbook air.

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  • Geoff YuenGeoff Yuen, 5 years ago

    This is really laggy on my Mac/Firefox.

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    • Jason CJason C, 5 years ago

      Extremely. It just crashed mine twice, so I lost interest in exploring the site further.

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      • Daniel WinterDaniel Winter, 5 years ago

        Fluid on OSX/Safari, but it jacked my scroll, so I lost interest in exploring the site further.

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  • G FG F, 5 years ago

    I suppose the design is nice, but usability is awful

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  • Faiz MokhtarFaiz Mokhtar, 5 years ago

    Pretty, but quite laggy.

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  • Victor WareVictor Ware, 5 years ago

    Hate the scroll jacking. especially on the about page.overall I think it fits his brand. and I like how the slides are implemented at the top of the page.

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  • Louis BLouis B, 5 years ago

    That events page tho. Beautiful.

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  • Sam SolomonSam Solomon, 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago )

    I respect how much time this man has spent thinking about furniture.

    EDIT: Wait, this is a studio? I'm confused.

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  • Marcel Wichmann Marcel Wichmann , 5 years ago

    A good example of how optimisation is often more important than a fancy layout.

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  • Edwin de JonghEdwin de Jongh, 5 years ago

    Love it! Although as others have said it's a bit choppy here and there, might want to look into optimizing some of those animations.

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  • Jordan FlaigJordan Flaig, 5 years ago

    Nice design. Little over the top but I guess it fits his brand/business.

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