Ask DN: Does Google's Organizational Design Leave You Wanting More?

5 years ago from , Cofounder, DesignLive.co

Lately I've been frustrated with two Google Products: Google Drive and now Google Chrome.

After the latest Google Drive update (2-3 months ago perhaps), I found it tedious to move items within my drive. This is especially tiresome when there are multiple attachments in an email that I want to move directly into my Google Drive without downloading them first to my local drive. To do this I have to navigate 5-7 layers of sub-folders before clicking "move." As there is no "batch" or "selection" feature, I then have to repeat this process for each attachment. (Perhaps this is a problem with the excessive OCD I have with making sub-folders, but how else am I to organize when that's the only organizational tool offered?)

Now, Google Chrome's bookmarking system has adopted this same interface. Before the update, all of the folders were automatically expanded in a drop down, and I could start typing the desired location and the highlighted selection would bounce around until it landed on the correct folder. (Aside: this didn't always work out as perfectly as I hoped, probably because I have too many sub-folders, but it was about 75% accurate).

For a Search Giant, it seems that implementing a simple search functionality just makes plain sense. If I could start typing "Pro..." and see a list populate with my folders (i.e. Problem Solving, Processes, Professional Snake Charmers), I would be delighted.

I have other grievances to air, but I'll stop this rant here. Any other DNers feel similar frustrations/regressions with Google's latest batch of products updates?


  • Jon DarkeJon Darke, 5 years ago

    Absolutely, but am not paying (money) for any of them, so its hard to complain

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  • Alex Tapper, 5 years ago

    Or labels. Gmail's label feature for emails would be a perfect solution for bookmarking URLs in Chrome.

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