New Tumblr Logo for iOS

5 years ago from , I design products and experiences.

Wow, here it is: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/tumblr/id305343404?mt=8

Is it just me or is everything about it all wrong? The perception, the shadows and the 3D-ness just doesn't work at all. But you know, that's just...my opinion man.


  • Chris LeckieChris Leckie, 5 years ago

    I'm going the be that guy. I really like it, especially the version on twitter.

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    • Jordan KoscheiJordan Koschei, 5 years ago

      I second this.

      It's jarring at first, and it looks cobbled-together, but I think that's a good description of the community there too. I think it works.

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    • Kris KimKris Kim, 5 years ago

      I really love it too. It makes me play with it (colors!) and click it.

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    • Dirk HCM van BoxtelDirk HCM van Boxtel, 5 years ago

      While I don't mind it, I think it could use some work to work better at smaller sizes, especially with that background color.

      Purple background, faded outline, faded blue color for the main shape.

      That's asking for issues when you use it at a small size. If the front facing side was white, it'd work much better.

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    • Miguel Solorio, 5 years ago

      I think their new logo is indicative of who their audience is, and I find it very fitting.

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    • Alfred BeckmanAlfred Beckman, 5 years ago

      I agree and I think the landing page is awesome!

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    • David DarnesDavid Darnes, 5 years ago

      You be that guy Chris, don't let anyone stop you ;)

      Honestly I agree, tumblr has always been a fun brand and this just adds to that theme. The original 't' is still in there, but the addition of solid bold colours reminds people that tumblr is fun.

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    • Jimmy HookerJimmy Hooker, 5 years ago

      Gonna add to the chorus here. I really like it. I totally agree with the 'fun' vibe of it. I also think that the strangeness of the perspective makes this stand out in a great way against everything else out there. It is legitimately unique.

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  • Diesel Laws, 5 years ago

    Update: It appears it gets worse: https://twitter.com/tumblr

    I'm not normally one to heavily dislike a new design, but this feels like a huge step backwards.

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    • Cody SanfilippoCody Sanfilippo, 5 years ago

      Oddly enough, I'm not a fan at all of the iOS icon but the Twitter photo makes a way better impression on me. Gives a feeling of creativity, whereas the iOS icon just looks like they wanted to stylize the logo for no reason other than pizazz.

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    • Dan GDan G, 5 years ago

      I'd disagree with it being "a huge step backwards".

      It's significantly more recognisable, ownable and on brand than yet another flat white icon on a background. The Twitter version is fantastic IMO.

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      • Victor TolosaVictor Tolosa, 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago )

        I totally agree with this sentiment. People are getting tired of flat design but don't feel happy with any other exploration in treatment. I'm kind of baffled by the amount of negative feedback their is in this comment thread considering how homogeneous logo design has become. What really upsets me are the comments without any thoughtful reasoning or critique behind them, just a: "it's bad"... OK?

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    • Robbert EsserRobbert Esser, 5 years ago

      I actually really like it.

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    • Account deleted 5 years ago

      I really like it. Not flat. Not boring. It's fun.

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  • Ttwozero WordsTtwozero Words, 5 years ago

    I also think it's bad. There still has not changed https://www.tumblr.com/logo will wait for official news reviews

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    • Ewen McCahonEwen McCahon, 5 years ago

      I've always found the language on the Tumblr. brand guidelines page much more approachable and friendly than other sites, especially ones like LinkedIn.

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  • Valentin ProstValentin Prost, 5 years ago

    They keep the flat front view of their logo and add some 3D. Obviously it can't work.. The result is quite awkward in my opinion.

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  • Namor VotilavNamor Votilav, 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago )

    Um, it's actually not that bad, though the haters gonna hate. Take a look at this animated version here:

    Click me

    To me new logo is totally okay, just needs to get rid of that obtrusive shadow. Look how well it looks without it:


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  • Guillermo MontGuillermo Mont, 5 years ago

    Yeah the angles don't match. Take the far right shadow out and it will be better.

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  • Drew AlbinsonDrew Albinson, 5 years ago

    God save us all.

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  • Luke SeeleyLuke Seeley, 5 years ago

    I'm realllllly disappointed this isn't a flat, white glyph on a bright blue roundrec.

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  • Cody IddingsCody Iddings, 5 years ago

    Not good.

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  • Matt SistoMatt Sisto, 5 years ago

    Seeing the version on Twitter made a huge difference for me. When I first looked at the iOS version, it felt like some impossible M.C. Escher piece. Now I get it. I still don't love it but I no longer feel the urge to stand atop a mountain and tell the world how fugly it is. In fact, is it growing on me ... ?

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  • Mohamed FayazMohamed Fayaz, 5 years ago

    Thats exactly what i said!! :D

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  • Talal BawejaTalal Baweja, 5 years ago

    I agree with you Diesel. The points you raised are really not working at all.

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  • David AlandíDavid Alandí, 5 years ago

    mother of god

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  • Katarina RdultovskaiaKatarina Rdultovskaia, 5 years ago

    and it doesint stop there, the new layout redesign for web also feels a bit backwards to me

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  • Javin LadishJavin Ladish, 5 years ago

    Yep, it's bad.

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