Market Street Prototyping Festival

over 5 years ago from , Interaction Designer

Hi DNers @SF

Just want to share this interesting event in San Francisco that will start tomorrow to Saturday: http://marketstreetprototyping.org/

There will be 50+ projects showcasing ideas of how we can make Market Street a better & fun place. The wide sidewalks will be filled with temporary installations ranging from performance spaces, relaxation zones, dynamic art pieces, and more!

Full disclaimer: I'm one of the artist & I have an Anchor text to reimagine the underused newsbin/newsrack all over the city. (I'm only implement one of them though). I'm interested in tangible interaction design & IoT stuffs!

If you have time in the next three days & live around San Francisco, take a walk on Market Street & stop by Anchor text !! ;)

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  • Ruby Chen, over 5 years ago

    Oh no!!! How do I fix the Anchor text... now I feel stupid...... (especially I identify myself a tech savvy UX designer..... user is never wrong!!)

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