Los Angeles Studios/Companies - Internship searching

6 years ago from , Student Designer/ Photographer

I'm looking for small design studios(max 10 people) or designers to do a summer internship with in the Los Angeles area. Maybe even a cool small company.

I've been doing quite a bit of searching and haven't found many. Would love if you could send a few names my way. Anything from Branding/packaging/ publication/ ui/ux/ web.


  • eric thompsoneric thompson, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    You should really look at Blitz, http://www.blitzagency.com, they are a bit bigger than 10 people, but they provide a solid internship program and are very talented.

    Being a ex-eployee myself, I know first hand about the benefits of learning from this place, and their talent and teachings for younger creatives/photographers.

    check it out : http://blitzagency.theresumator.com

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  • Patrick IwanickiPatrick Iwanicki, 6 years ago

    Hey Matt, I think we have just what you're looking for. Hit me up at patrick[at]dtemedia.com

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