ASK DN: Which macbook should I buy?

almost 6 years ago from , Web Designer

Hi, I'm a PC guy. Never got any Mac.

But I'm thinking to buy a macbook really soon. I'll be using it for designing (websites/apps), a bit of web-development. And maybe some videos editing (~but not so much).

I'll probably use an external display sometimes.

So, what would be the better option for me? - Macbook pro 13"? Is it enough - graphics and processors- ?

Or should I go "all-in" and buy a 15"?

Did someone recently switch from PC to mac ? Why ? Was it a bit hard to change your workflow?

Thanks guys.


  • Marco RodriguesMarco Rodrigues, almost 6 years ago

    I was a PC user for most my life and finally grabbed my first Macbook Pro when I went to College. Now my Macbook is around 6 years old and I'm also looking to get a new one. I wont be doing any Video work( I have a dedicated PC for this) on it so I've decided to go with an upgraded 13" Macbook Air. From the research I've done it will have enough power to code and design, which is what I need it to do. Also the added benefit of portability is a plus for me.

    If you're going to do serious video work I would get the 15" Macbook pro with the dedicated Video card and an upgraded CPU.

    The transition to a OSX from Windows was easy. I bought useful apps and developed a workflow that years later I found I couldn't duplicate on my current PC due to there not being applications with the same functionality and UX.

    There are plenty of useful feature built right into OSX that can't be duplicated without using poorly coded applications on windows. Features like Quicklook and general file management features like duplicate and batch file to newly created folder are some of the features I wish windows had native.

    Hopefully that helps and I hope you have fun with your first Macbook.

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    • Xavier LuyckxXavier Luyckx, almost 6 years ago

      Hello Marco,

      Thanks for the feedback on the pc->mac side :) Yeah that's the feeling I want to have. + Building a new workflow with those capabilities a mac could afford.

      Thinking going on a macbook pro 13".. I'll keep doing some research!

      Thanks again !! :)

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  • Mario GiambancoMario Giambanco, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

    I had a late 2011 Macbook Pro 15 (sata drive) and loved it - in December, I had a problem with the video card, which Apple recently covered under the recent video card recall. At the time, I panic'd, so I ran out and got a base Macbook Pro 13 SSD.

    I love the 13 - it's small enough and light enough that I feel comfortable taking it to a coffee shop without my bag. The 15 seems so heavy and slow compared to it (and it's processor is faster).

    Speed wise, I don't think you'll have a problem with either the 13 or 15. I run 2 additional displays with my 13 - 1 over the built in HDMI and 1 with the thunderbolt adaptor - mostly web development, some Photoshop / Illustrator / Xcode - have yet to run into something where I felt it was moving to slow or couldn't handle it.

    I'd say the 15 is better suited for a laptop that acts as a desktop, where the 13 has no problems being disconnected quickly and taken to a meeting.

    The only part of my purchase I slightly regret is just not realizing the hard drive isn't user changeable, nor is the ram. 8gb ram / 128gb storage has been fine so far, but it's just one of those things I might have gotten bigger if I wasn't in a rush.

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    • Xavier Luyckx, almost 6 years ago

      Hey mario, Thanks a lot for your input!

      13-inch: 2.7GHz 256GB would be pretty good for me I think. And It comforts me that you haven't had any problem with the speed.

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