• Vincent Le MoignVincent Le Moign, almost 5 years ago

    W will add soon 2000+ more icons to my Streamline icons pack: http://streamlineicons.com

    We are also preparing a new angular icons pack: https://dribbble.com/webalys/projects/268209-EGO

    I realize that i need to know more about my users, their workflow, their needs. Especially for the mobile app development 9iOS, Android, Windows). I also plan to give up the PNG support, and I need to find ways to make the vector icons easy to use with app development.

    Well, there is a lot of things I would like to talk with icons users, that's why I want to offer early - and free- access to these icons to selected users, in exchange of their help to improve my icons.

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  • Corin EdwardsCorin Edwards, almost 5 years ago

    that's not what free means

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  • Stefan Göllner, almost 5 years ago

    I really like the style and the quality of your icons. The good thing is the huge amount of icons, which all share the exact same style. In the last days I have been thinking about using them in the redesign of my portfolio.

    The developer and designer pack are a bit useless for my case. I would like to just have the vector graphics and I don't care really if there are .eps, .ai and other versions. The .svg files are just fine for me and the web-font is just the thing for a website. Also the developer pack seems to have more features and the .png versions aswell.

    Overall I really like the free 100-icon set, because I can check if the icons fit in my design and I don't have to buy the set first.

    Maybe a small photoshop plugin, where you can filter the icons and paste them as a shape would be a real improvement for web designers.

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    • Vincent Le Moign, almost 5 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback Stefan :-)

      • About the "developer" and "designer" pack, it cannot be a perfect fit for everybody. But at least it address the needs for 2 different users case. Users who want to modify icons, then needs the vector editable sources like .AI,.SKETCH, .EPS. And users who juts want to drop icon in the code (using SVG, icons font...). Now... I want remove the PNG version: it's a lot of work to create all files variation in different sizes, it weights a log of MB, and it's crazy that we still use a pixelized file format that cannot rescale without loosing quality! It remind me the time we were rasterizing text titles, before we started to use webfonts! My objective is to find a way to replace PNG use by vector uses, and that's why I need tot talk to developers.

      • I plan do have a web app to filter and search icons. With now more than 4000 icons we need it :-) And it's the most requested feature. But I canot develop plugins for PSD, then .SKETCH, then .AI, etc. That's why I plan a web app that any user can use, search icon and download them in SVG or other convenient file format.

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      • Stefan Göllner, almost 5 years ago

        The web app sounds like a good choice to me, because it is really time consuming to find icons in a single .psd file for example.

        I already participated in your survey and wish you get some relevant feedback out of it!

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  • Daniela HV, almost 2 years ago


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  • Claudia Leite, over 1 year ago

    I loved this icons, they're smooth and minimalistic, and the rounded corners match exactly with the design of the products I'm creating at work. The fact it is a huge pack with so many categories and 3 styles makes it so easier to build consistency in all kinds of products. Maybe you could sell a customized pack? Like charge for a fixed number of categories but letting the buyer choose witch they want to buy. That would be lovely! Congrats, man! Your work is awesome! :D

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