Ask DN: A Site to Share Collections of Websites?

5 years ago from , Design/Development @ Twilio.

I'm looking for a site (kinda like http://www.gomoodboard.com) but for throwing together a bunch of links and generating screenshots, with a space for a description of the site.

Dropmark probably comes the closest to what I'm looking for, but I'd like something for more one-off collections for sharing with others.

Does anything like this exist?


  • Bertrand Bruandet, 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago )

    Hey Jamie,

    We created www.hypershoot.com last year which might suit to what you're looking for. We make screenshots from url (with the bookmarklet or direct), you can create collections and make them public if you want to. However for the moment you can not add any description.

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  • Kamil KhadeyevKamil Khadeyev, 5 years ago


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    • Jamie Wilson, 5 years ago

      I used be an avid Kippt fan. But then it got painfully slow. They only sometimes responded to support emails, billed be for a year of service even though I had canceled my account, then they started Inc. and got acquhired by Coinbase and stopped development—at least that's what I thought happened.

      Thanks for the idea anyway though. Do you still use the service?

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  • Elvin van DalenElvin van Dalen, 5 years ago


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