UX Problem: Need user engagement ideas for loading time of 20-40 seconds.

5 years ago from , Designer at Tigerspike

SO I am working on this problem where user uploaded media requires processing time of 20-40 seconds and we are looking to engage the user in some way during that. Any thoughts or examples of good loading screens/interactions?


  • Sebastian MasadSebastian Masad, 5 years ago

    In similar situations I got the idea of add a game. The user story is this in brief:

    1. The person upload a file (she/he have to wait 20-40 seconds).
    2. A message appears with the – similar – following text: "We are uploading your file, while you are waiting you can play this game"
    3. The game appears and the user play a short time because probably in 5-10 seconds the files is ready.
    4. An other message appears with the – similar – following text: "We are ready but you can continue playing"

    The game can be anything; Tetris, Snake, Pinball, Pacman, Mario, etc.

    And wuala! You have a happy user because he/she wasn't conscious about that time that spend the system uploading the file.

    (Sorry for my english, I'm from Chile (: )

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    • Sean Hurley, 5 years ago

      A game would be cool :) Thanks for the suggestions!

      Your English is 100% better than my Spanish, or any other language for that matter :P

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  • Sean Hurley, 5 years ago

    So I am considering presenting the user with questions to filter down the results for when the upload/processing is finished.

    But it could be weird when the upload is finished and the questions disappear etc...

    Thanks for the suggestions! Keep em coming !!

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  • Stefan Rauch, 5 years ago

    Instagram does a good job by introducing the option to post on other social networks as well.

    Giving enough choice that the user has to think, but not enough to disrupt the userflow worked well for them.

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  • Account deleted 5 years ago

    Vimeo's process is pretty nice. I'd look into that!

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    • Sean HurleySean Hurley, 5 years ago

      When/where does Vimeo have an example of this? In the iOS app or desktop?

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      • Account deleted 5 years ago

        Anytime you upload a video or anytime it needs to encode something.

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