A front end developer who doesn't know how the internet works

5 years ago from , Developer

Hi everyone,

I have been a front end developer for over a year now, and I have been learning it for over a year before that. I am very good ( if I may say so ) at the usual stack including HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery and PHP for Wordpress theme development.

However, I lack a basic understanding of how the internet works. How email works. When it comes to DNS and general server antics, I am lost, it makes no sense to me.

I guess the reason why I am making this post is for two reasons. One reason, is even though I know this isn't right, do many of you front-end developers feel like that? Am I in a minority?

The second reason, is I want the community to recommend good reading material for this. I want to learn, but everything I read goes completely over my head. Thanks in advance! :)

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