Design Hunt

over 5 years ago from , Director of Product @ Infor

Hey guys,

I am working on launching a new iOS App dedicated for designers/developers. It will feature daily doze of products, news, inspirations, etc.

Similar to Designer News and Product Hunt but mobile only. If you are interested you can follow me on twitter. I will be launching private beta version in about a week.

More then anything it sort of fills a personal void. I got tired of looking through multiple apps throughout the day. Would be awesome to have everything in one. I am super excited to give this a go.

I am looking for beta testers to help me test features, as well as provide valuable feedback on features before ship day.

If you are curious you can sign up for beta here: http://bit.ly/designhunt

Dribbble shot for the app icon: https://dribbble.com/shots/1917606-TD-News-iOS-8-Icon