• Ryan ScottRyan Scott, almost 6 years ago

    I would check out https://creativemarket.com/search?q=device%20mockup and see what equivalents are going for there. I would also suggest moving the OnePlus to the bottom of the page, I can't imagine the demand on it is greater than the iPhone mocks. Nice photos.

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  • Dean HaydenDean Hayden, almost 6 years ago

    Useful, but maybe consider a female model too. Being able to use your own background would be good too (could charge more for these). Price point seems fair, you can find a lot worse for a lot more

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  • Hawke BassignaniHawke Bassignani, almost 6 years ago

    First: Is this an actual Ask DN question, or is this just posted to drive traffic to your own product?

    Asking because self-promotion is good, but this feels off.

    Second: If it's an actual question (and not a salesman's tactic), then the prices seem fair. I'd love for a straight one (in line with the photo frame, landscape and portrait) shot of the same phones in hand. All these have angles, which are fine... but variations on the same theme.

    If you did straight shots for all the phones, I'd definitely buy those.

    Nice work in any case!

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    • Alex Talmon, almost 6 years ago

      I understand your point, Hawke. But that wasn't the idea behind posting this to DN. It's just a side project and all for fun and I just wanted to check what people like us (designers) want to pay for assets like this. I want to sell these things at a reasonable price so it will be nice for both the buyer as for me.

      Thanks for the suggestion about shooting the phones straight, definitely going to use that in future shots!

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  • Alex Talmon, almost 6 years ago

    Hi DN,

    Throughout the years I work as an UI/UX designer I've shot a lot of photos of devices to promote my digital work. Both for client projects as for personal things.

    Since I'm really into photography as well I thought it might be nice to combine these two things and create some nice mockup PSD's.

    So that's what I did. Claimed a domain and build a page to sell these files: http://device-mockups.com

    Because I was always in the capability to shot images like this myself I did never bought any mockups before. I did some research on the pricing of products like this and that really varies.

    So my question is, what would you pay for files like this?

    My idea is to create more mockups in the future and maybe focus more on non Apple products. Please let me know what devices you are really looking for, maybe I can help you.

    Any other feedback is welcome :-)

    Thanks in advance!

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    • aroon Sharmaaroon Sharma, almost 6 years ago

      Hey Alex why don't you give 1-2 mocks free of cost so other designers can see that these are perfect for their use or not

      Though your prices are fine for these awesome shots !

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      • Alex TalmonAlex Talmon, almost 6 years ago

        Hi Aroon,

        Adding a free download will indeed help to show the quality of these images. Going to fix that soon.

        Thanks for the tip!

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    • Xavier LuyckxXavier Luyckx, almost 6 years ago

      Without looking the price you already set. I'd have said 5$ Your price is fine for me :)

      I see that there is a 5-pack. I'd imagine in the future one or two megapack with a lot of differents mockups(and differents products) at +50$ I'd pay for it :)

      And I agree with Aroon Sharma for the one or two free mockups to see your work, and maybe gain more trafic :)

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