What am I worth?

almost 6 years ago from

Just looking for a little bit of help here: what ballpark figure do you think that I should be earning? I'm currently the sole designer at a startup which has generated quite a lot of interest, and over the past two years I've found myself in the strange situation of being trusted to shoulder products in their entirety whilst having relatively little experience in terms of years.


  • Freelanced for local bands/promoters for two years, designed & built websites as a part of that.

  • Joined an agency as the sole dedicated web designer. Worked for big clients such as Sony, Nestle & McLaren. 1 year

  • Became part of a 2-man in-house team, working across 5 different products. Managed all aspects of the products: Research+UX/Wireframing/UI/Front-end. Company was acquired for a substantial amount of money. 1.5 years

  • Joined a startup with $500,000+ of funding as the sole designer . Responsibilities involve dictating the visual direction of the app, building the front-end & improving the overall experience. 6 months (ongoing)

  • Freelanced occasionally during this period for US-based startups, usually in their early stages. Work has involved either designing an MVP or massively improving a MVP.

Any help would be great, what's a reasonable amount to expect to earn? I have no idea.