Why on earth does anyone think scroll-jacking is a good idea?!

almost 8 years ago from , Partner at Krit

If I go to a site and they've messed with the scrolling it's an instant turn-off for me, and yet I see people doing it all the time. Surely people can't think that creating this jerky, unnatural scrolling experience is a good idea. Am I just being nit-picky? Can anyone show me an example where it really adds to a website?

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  • Tammer IbrahimTammer Ibrahim, almost 8 years ago (edited almost 8 years ago )

    This is I think the page that popularized it and imo one of the few sites that use it correctly.

    Scrolljacking is like a jump-cut in cinema - it's jarring and grabs your attention. If used artfully for this purpose it works (the mac pro redesign was jarring and attention grabbing itself - I remember first going to that page after the unveiling and being so surprised I didn't even notice what was happening to my scrollbar). Here's another example - it adds a nice bit of pause to really emphasize some content before giving you back your scroll.

    Most sites just throw it in because "sliders aren't cool anymore" or something. I'm happy to see the trend less and less now - often replaced by parallax effects that don't inhibit scrolling in the same way.

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