• Christopher AzarChristopher Azar, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

    Totally. I remember in 2010 looking at icons and thinking 'holy crap' at how gorgeous and intricate they were. I remember seeing some of the iconfactory stuff (like the twitterrific bird) and the panic transmit truck and being blown away. Even the original LayerVault icon, stunning. Flashy? Of course! But damn, I was in awe the whole time.

    layervault icon

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  • Rich ArnoldRich Arnold, over 5 years ago

    When I look at a Braun SK55 I don't think "Oh that's when we wen't flat for a little while."

    Any argument on skeuomorphic vs flat design as a whole is asinine. There are times when one is better, there are times when the other is. Context defines your design, not a philosophy that the designer subscribes to...it's not about you it's about your user.

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  • Florent AlixFlorent Alix, over 5 years ago

    it is an interesting point. but I wonder why, everything that is created for screens as to be compared with everything that's real.

    And thinking the same way, should we compare the Ford T to MSDOS ?

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  • Robert MapleRobert Maple, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

    I normally find stuff on skuomophosism vs 'flat design' pretty tedious but this was great. I've always thought that the skeuomorphic trend was less about teaching people how to use their new devices as its often claimed and was more about being 'flashy' (as if the only way people could understand how to use a notes app was if it looked like paper bound in leather!). For me skuomorphasism was more about showing off to the fullest the power of new technology (wow! My phone has replaced my notepad... Its even able to look like my notepad!!).

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  • Joe Crupi, over 5 years ago


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