Ask DN: WrapBootstrap: Pros/Cons?

over 8 years ago from , UI Developer

I'm currently developing the UI for a web app, and recently ran into WrapBootstrap. It seems too good to be true, SO much good stuff right out of the box. I wonder, what are the cons? Anyone run into any issues? As always, Thx DN!


  • Oskar ZabikOskar Zabik, over 8 years ago

    WrapBootstrap (www.wrapbootstrap.com) is an online marketplace were you can buy Bootstrap based templates created by other designers. Is that what you are talking about?

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    • David M, over 8 years ago


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      • Oskar ZabikOskar Zabik, over 8 years ago

        So, just like with any other marketplace, it depends on the template you choose. I used templates bought on WrapBootstrap myself and I sell a few, so I can tell you, the quality of stuff there is usually high. If you can find a template matching your UI requirements, then you can definitely save a lot of time on your project. You'll still probably have to adjust things to your needs, and the UI won't be unique, but given the prices of templates and time you'll save it's it's an option definitely worth considering.

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