• Cat Noone, over 8 years ago

    Hey everyone! Writing this, I don't mean for it to be a case study or full on redesign of the app. Just meant to showcase a potentially awesome feature to Instagram, helping make it even more personal, to document the moments in our life.

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  • Michael SaccaMichael Sacca, over 8 years ago

    As someone who uses Instagram to share photos of my son with friends and family (I know , I know.... I'm that guy), this is such a wonderful idea. Great idea, great execution.

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    • Cat Noone, over 8 years ago

      Agreed! I’m that person too when it comes to Dexter. Obviously not a child, but for the time being, he is :D Even with certain accomplishments or family moments in life, I’d love to really document it. Love the idea of Life Events on Facebook, but having it solely on Facebook is such a split considering most of what I share is done on Instagram and then pushed to FB and Twitter.

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  • Suganth SSuganth S, over 8 years ago

    Amazing concept. Its actually good when you don't want to repost the same thing in fb.

    But I strongly feel Instagram is less personal than Facebook. Or may be Instagram users dont really bother much about life event of the profile they are visiting. Because at the end of the day, In Facebook you have friends who really care about your life events, but in Instagram your followers may not read about it.

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  • Taron GhazaryanTaron Ghazaryan, over 8 years ago

    Interesting concept. I personally wouldn't use the feature since most of the photos I post aren't necessarily related to a life event, they're also not very personal. Facebook feels like a more natural ecosystem for life events. Imagine creating a life event and tagging that event to every post. That can be a photo, a link, an event invitation, etc.

    In my opinion, Instagram is for sharing photos to the world. People have personalized it, but if you look closely, Instagram doesn't offer much in terms of personalizing the way Facebook does. I see it more as a twitter for pictures.

    Also if you want to see new pictures of a vizsla, why not just search the #vizsla tag for it?

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  • Aurooba AhmedAurooba Ahmed, over 8 years ago

    I dislike how the Discover tab works right now as well but being customized only based on life events and such doesn't seem to quite hit the mark for me either. I absolutely love the idea of Life Events on Instagram though!

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