It's been a little while now, what are oldskool Fireworks users using now?

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I know the subject has been " discussed once or twice " in the past, but I'm still on the prowl for a Fireworks alternative. It's served me well for close on a decade and I just can't find a program that does everything that it can. I know that " sketch works very well as a substitute " for many designers; but being at an agency where I have to work alongside interface devs on PCs (as well as occasionally having to provide clients with source files) I unfortunately need something that is compatible with machines outside of the Mac design team.

I've pretty much always been anti-photoshop for web work (it wasn't built for it, far too feature heavy, feels like using a sharpened spoon as a knife, I want something fast and lightweight whaa whaa whaa...) but am even starting to wonder if that will have to tide me over until Adobe (maybe?) makes Edge into a viable Fireworks replacement.

I can't quite get the same results in the same amount of time working on Illustrator or Indesign, though they do have a few powerful features. They also feel like they just weren't made for web... Or maybe I need to get to know them better...

So, it's been over 6 months since the news dropped - who's still in this boat, looking for a replacement? Who has jumped ship and found something that works for them? Who was using Freehand until Fireworks landed and intends to do the same this time? I'd love to hear from everyone!


  • michelle pakronmichelle pakron, over 6 years ago

    I am still using Fireworks CS6. It still does everything I need it to do, still comes with Creative Cloud. I have Sketch as well but it is not up to Fireworks yet, maybe in the future, but for now I still spend the majority of my day in Fireworks. Another designer I work with does everything in Illustrator, I just pull her .ai files right into Fireworks and keep working.

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    • Danny WebsterDanny Webster, over 6 years ago

      Reassuring to know I'm not the only one :)

      I've been finding that Illustrator CC compound paths sometimes have compatibility issues going into fireworks and I need to save them as CS6, is your ai designer noticing any bits changed once the files have done a round trip? If it's a near seamless workflow, it could be a good way for me to skill up in illustrator a little while doing most of my quick design in FW.

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  • Danny WebsterDanny Webster, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

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