Sketch: Accidentally Changing Text Styles

almost 6 years ago from , UI Designer @ Glide

Anybody else have this problem?

I have a master Sketch file with a ton of Artboards . Many artboards share text styles. When I am designing on one particular Artboard, I may try changing weight / color / size of font, and not realize that I changed it globally. Then I go to Ctrl-Z hell to try to peddle back.

Man, I wish there was some way of locking the style or a big pop up that says: "ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO SCREW UP YOUR ENTIRE DESIGN?"

Any ideas?


  • Eric Lampi, 5 years ago

    Agreed, I wish there was a "lock" or switch of some kind that would prevent you from accidentally modifying shared styles and symbols.

    Until then, you have to be conscientious about what you are modifying. Usually what I do is select the text I want to noodle with, change it to "No Style"and then make my tweaks to it. It's simple to change it back to the original shared style.

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  • Guilherme Storck, 5 years ago

    Hi. Any ideas so far? I'm starting to use Sketch now and found very awkward the way it "creates/modifies/applies" text styles.

    Doesn't seem to have a clear logic.

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