Starting a Freelance Mobile Prototype Project

5 years ago from , Designer

Hi everyone,

I have been approached for some freelance prototyping work for an iOS app. While I do have experience with this kind of task in-house, I was wondering if anyone has any kind of checklist of necessary assets/info they require to start a freelance project like this. I have been provided with a investor overview presentation and one very general graphic that shows an extremely general user flow (with no definite site map). It can be assumed that the client does not know a lot about UX or prototyping. Basically, I would like to streamline this process as much as possible before I fill in the gaps with the client.

A couple questions: - What kind of assets/information do you require before you start a project like this? Do you use a checklist of some sort? - How do you schedule revisions to wireframes/prototypes? - How do you send your deliverables? What program do you think is best (I want to use something that will produce deliverables that will be easy for the client to use)?

I really appreciate any advice to make my project organization/workflow better!