• Nicholas Mandelbaum, 5 years ago

    If the only news you read is Designer News, it's important to know that 5 illustrators were murdered today in France because they upset extremists.

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  • Katie MacoyKatie Macoy, 5 years ago

    Obviously what happened was a tragedy, but I don't understand this website/PDF... what is the message?

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    • Varun VachharVarun Vachhar, 5 years ago

      It says I am Charlie in several languages. "Je suis Charlie" was being used by the crowd in Paris yesterday.

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    • Nicholas Mandelbaum, 5 years ago

      It links to the former website of the magazine. I believe the PDF is to help people around the world who want to print and use the "Je Suis Charlie" design to show their support to the magazine. Obviously it was done rapidly with the available resources, most of them being dead...

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