• Andrew ZimmermanAndrew Zimmerman, over 4 years ago (edited over 4 years ago )

    What was the thinking of using blue as your accent color? I clicked on them but nothing happened. Then when I moused over the social media links the hover color looked similar. Do you think a different accent or hover color would be just as effective?

    The space-themed icons/illustrations are cute, but not sure if they relate to the copy. I've tried to convince management that icons need to communicate a relationship with their content so my comment is influenced on that recent experience.

    I'm unclear what benefit the hover effects on the process section bring. What was your thinking for them? Why do your hover effects in the process and partners sections differ?

    I also expected more space-based metaphors in your copy, but congratulations on avoiding any cliches. I like how you address potential customer needs rather than exclusively your agency's capabilities.

    These are minor nits. Your site is so minimal little things stick out but I'm not the best designer so take these free comments for what they are worth! ~_^

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  • David Hoogland, over 4 years ago

    Hi Andrew thanks for that. Sometimes you forget certain design decisions in the process so it can be refreshing to hear this kind of feedback just to make sure you still understand the choices you took. And sometimes things start for a reason, but after a few iterations lose the initial meaning you had but you keep working on it.

    I chose the colour blue because it's a NASA kind of colour. To me it felt the most "space agency" kind of colour of the different colours I tried. I'm not sure if I understand your question about the hover colour though. Most of the blue is just to emphasize something, make it all a bit more scannable.

    I agree with the icons. I designed the icons specifically for the way I wrote the copy on the website right at the start of the design process, but the copy has changed quite a bit so now they don't really connect anymore. I am working on a whole bunch of space icons which will replace the current set.

    I added the hover on the process section just to add an element of focus but in the most subtle way I could think of. It feels a bit zen to me. Also, I feel that the products & partners section has a different use. At the moment it has no copy explaining anything (yet), so again, this was the most subtle and simple way of showing the products & partners. I added the hover effect because with most logo's it's unclear who the company is.

    I'm not a copy writer, but writing the copy for our website has been an interesting learning curve which I intend to keep practicing every day. Like I said before, I'm really trying to stay clear of "noise". I noticed that writing space clichés quickly turned copy into noise just for the sake of being spacey. No need for that.

    Thanks a bunch for your kind words Andrew! I hope my replies kinda made sense. =)

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    • Andrew ZimmermanAndrew Zimmerman, over 4 years ago

      Sure thing David! Thanks for the opportunity to provide my comments.

      The blue color choice makes sense after the NASA reference. It wasn't something I intuited as its been several decades since I was into NASA.

      I do like the hover effect implementation on the partners section. It provides supplemental information that may not be required at a glance. Just remember the behavior on mobile devices. :)

      I am an English major so I often focus on the writing, for good or ill.

      It will be interesting to see how your site evolves as it grows.

      Best of luck in this and your future endeavors.

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  • David Hoogland, over 4 years ago

    Hi everybody. I'm looking for some constructive criticism. Since I used to work for an agency the whole portfolio thing is a bit complicated, but... we've done quite a few projects last year so I will be adding work on the website soon, it just takes a lot of time. I will also be adding articles soon and all that. For now I'm just curious what you think of the overall design and copy. The main aim is to get people to call me or email me. I wanted to show that I take focus, clarity, and simplicity serious in the overall design and copy. Trying to take as much "noise" away as possible. Can't wait to hear what you guys think of it.

    For those taking the time to write something, thanks a lot! It's very much appreciated! =)

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