• Jonas LekeviciusJonas Lekevicius, over 6 years ago

    Interesting "what", but very much missing the "why".


    • What are the major wins of such interface? Recreating many native apps in "iPod mode" would be a serious effort, only meaningful if there is a lot to gain.

    • Having sapphire crystal as screen and premium leather for everything else would make the price of such accessory close to $150. I think it clashes with the appeal and demographic - novelty / nostalgia, cheap-ish gift for ex-iPod-owners. I would target the manufacturing cost to <$50.

    • Ignoring the price, how would a touchscreen work through two glass screens? I think the only material thin enough to let electric charge through would be thin protective plastic. (same question goes to the fake click wheel - how would you transfer its touches?)

    So, yeah (: Nice graphics, but I think a lot of the value of concepts lie in the... concept. The idea. The thinking behind the thing. Drawing is an effective way to tranfer these ideas... but without the "why" there is very little to transfer.

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    • Hong Yi DongHong Yi Dong, over 6 years ago

      Another concern of this design is that it's limited to the iOS Music app. This is a severe limitation considering how many people use other services to stream/listen music.

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      • Claudio Gomboli, over 6 years ago

        It would not be limited to the iOS Music, if you write a widget. In this concept you can use iOS8 widgets and also interact with the notification center. Even if, of course, it's still just a concept.

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    • Claudio Gomboli, over 6 years ago


      Thanks for the feedback, very interesting points that I also faced while making this concept.

      About the "why": Almost everyone uses a cover with iPhone. I thought to add some useful features.

      "What are the major wins of such interface? Recreating many native apps in "iPod mode" would be a serious effort, only meaningful if there is a lot to gain." True, but still in this concept the new iOS8 widgets (or the next versions of them) would do the job. You don't need to develop another interface, but "just" a widget. It's not a complete app (unless you want to), but a quick shortcut to interact with.

      "Having sapphire crystal as screen and premium leather for everything else would make the price of such accessory close to $150" It's Apple... Have you seen the golden Apple Watch? :)

      "Ignoring the price, how would a touchscreen work through two glass screens?" Yes, this is one of my biggest concern as well. But, hey, it's a concept! And the guys at Apple show that they can bend the technology (and often the device too) in order to get what they want :)


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      • Jason BlockJason Block, over 6 years ago

        I think that last statement does a bit of disservice to how much collaboration there is between Apple designers and engineers. Yes, they push engineering limits, but only when:

        1. They can cheaply prototype said design in such a way that stakeholders can tangibly see it
        2. They can mass-manufacture said product at the scale of one of the largest supply chains on the planet (millions of phones/ipads a week, all getting cargo-shipped across the world in a matter of days)
        3. The rest of the company and any developer partners can easily work with said product in a productive way (ex: they're not going to want to include another touchpoint in the iOS app architecture for a niche accessory).

        I appreciate and understand the effort you put into this concept, but the truly great concepts out there are not only futuristic and forward thinking, but understand the current technological needs that the concept is addressing, as well as the constraints that are present that keep it from being a reality (ex: why would you put glass on an external case? Where would electronics go? How does it stay attached to the iPhone? If the answer is magnets, how do we keep the magnets from ruining peoples' credit cards?).

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  • David BarkerDavid Barker, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    Interesting idea for nostalgia, but otherwise… Why?

    What's the benefit of reducing the visible portion of the display to ~40%, and the touchable portion of the display to ~10% (while only allowing circular movement)?

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    • Kris KimKris Kim, 6 years ago

      For this kind of concept, I'd rather ask 'why not?'.

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      • David BarkerDavid Barker, 6 years ago

        Well, you'll still be using the same amount of power for the whole screen even though most of it is covered.

        Plus, the click wheel is/was a great input method for scrolling through lists when it's all you have, but there's an even better one that you're covering — a huge touchscreen with UIScrollViews.

        Like I say, I can appreciate that it has a retro feel, but I can't help thinking it's a backward step in every other way.

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        • Kris KimKris Kim, 6 years ago

          Agree with you. It's a backward step since that's the interface from the decade ago. But the thing is, IMO, what that concept tries to provide is not the best 'functionality', but the 'experience'. Like watching old black and white movies with grainy dirt marks on the latest blu-ray system. Maybe little too exaggerated, but you get the point :)

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  • Ryan LeFevreRyan LeFevre, over 6 years ago

    This is actually pretty clever. I admit I would buy it if it was possible. Could do it on Android I suppose, but not iOS.

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  • Josh LeeJosh Lee, 6 years ago

    So cool. Wish it wasn't just a concept.

    Jonas brings up some good points but damn I'd love to have one.

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  • Kai HuangKai Huang, over 6 years ago

    This is amazing. I would buy this in a heartbeat

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  • Bahaa HashemBahaa Hashem, over 6 years ago

    Claudio I suppose you've already seen this:


    Cheers =)

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  • Radu DutzanRadu Dutzan, over 6 years ago

    Why care so much about the why? This is clearly not going to happen, but it's still the coolest thing I've seen this year so far. It made me happy. Have some fun, people.

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  • Nick LoewenNick Loewen, over 6 years ago

    I had a similar idea a when I first saw Game Boy cases. With a hole cut out where the "screen" would be, and buttons which communicate presses to the screen as touches, you could make an accessory that worked as a case when put on the usual way, and as a tactile enhancement for your game app when put on over the front of the phone.

    An iPhone in a case that looks like a Game Boy.

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  • Tyson KingsburyTyson Kingsbury, 6 years ago

    I think this is one of the greatest ideas I've seen here yet...and that's saying something (cuz some pretty awesome stuff gets posted here) I'd love to have this.

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  • Dean HaydenDean Hayden, over 6 years ago

    Aside from nostalgia there's an element of tactile feedback that can't be beaten. A film with a different texture for the wheel would work, the rest could be handled in the app (maybe a budget version)

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  • Dean HaydenDean Hayden, 6 years ago

    I really do miss the ui of the iPod, so this gets my vote

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  • David DarnesDavid Darnes, 6 years ago

    Has this site got scrolljacking on desktop? It's quite difficult to scroll smoothly on a mobile device.

    Also wouldn't this be more effective as an app? I can't really see the point of it, apart from a nostalgic styled cover.

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  • Phil RauPhil Rau, over 6 years ago

    Here's the thing though... why couldn't you just make an app that literally has a clickwheel? Am I missing something, or is this literally just a physical app, that you can launch by attaching something to your phone?

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    • Claudio GomboliClaudio Gomboli, over 6 years ago

      Because it's not an app, but a cover to interact with (would use the iOS widgets as well).

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      • Phil RauPhil Rau, over 6 years ago

        But if the cover is supposed to feel the same as the front of the phone, wouldn't it be much cheaper for everyone involved to just make an app for every app you'd want to have the user use the case with?

        What is the benefit?

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  • Alex GeoffrionAlex Geoffrion, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

    plus: The Sonic Youth cover minus: The utility of the concept

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